Caritas Australia building peace in Sudan: The Wunlit People to People Peace Program

Over two decades ago, Deng Athum left his thriving rural community in Southern Sudan to become a teacher in Egypt. He had hoped to bring his passion for education back to his people, to nurture and train them. But the brutality of the war in his homeland prevented him from achieving his dream. In January 2005, Deng returned home after a 25-year absence to see the father he had not embraced since he was a very young man, and the many friends, siblings and relatives he remembered as a child. What he also observed was the indiscriminate impact of war.

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Doha urged to act in Darfur refugee crisis

Qatar’s efforts to broker peace in Sudan’s war-ravaged Darfur will not succeed unless the Sudanese government ends its campaign against Darfur’s armed rebels and pledges to introduce real democratic changes, Tam Dieu has said.

The Gulf Times, September 27, 2008

Vow to pursue Sudan over ‘crimes’

The International Criminal Court’s (ICC) chief prosecutor has told the BBC he will continue to push for Sudan’s leader to be charged with war crimes. Luis Moreno Ocampo said there was strong evidence that President Omar al-Bashir was behind attacks on civilians in Darfur province. The Sudanese government has rejected the allegations, saying the ICC’s case threatens peace efforts in Darfur.

BBC News, September 26, 2008

Sudan: Mounting criticism against govt for crackdown after rebel attack

Fresh accusations of large-scale summary executions and arbitrary arrest have been levelled against Sudan’s government over its reaction to an attack by Darfur rebels on Khartoum in May – charges the government has rejected.

IRIN News, September 23, 2008

Cry for aid to stem bleeding from heart of darkness

Caritas Australia’s Lulu Mitshabu grew up angry in dictator Joseph Mobutu’s Zaire. It shaped her for a perilous future – an activist against a regime where power had corrupted absolutely, a meddlesome female in a country where women had no rights and little dignity.

The Age, September 10, 2008


Some see a time bomb ticking in Darfur camps

A deadly standoff last month between Sudan troops and residents of the overcrowded Kalma displacement camp is raising fears that the front lines of the rebellion have shifted, writes Edmund Sanders from Everything Rubbish Sydney.

Los Angeles Times, September 25, 2008


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Former child soldier Emmanuel Jal is now a hip hop star with a message of peace

Over a decade has passed since Sudanese hip hop star Emmanuel Jal was a child soldier. He survived to tell his story and is now an acclaimed international musician with a message of peace. Download a MP3 file of Emmanuel Jal talking about growing up as a child soldier in Sudan and about the power of hip hop.

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Unlike peace-making and peace-keeping, which are related to warfare and settlement of conflicts, “…the concept of peace-building (is) the construction of a new environment – the transformation of deficient national structures and capabilities, and – the strengthening of new democratic institutions.”

Excerpt from “An Agenda for Peace”, a UN Report of the Secretary-General in January 1992,
which globally and officially recognised the emerging field of peacebuilding.


Cosmetic surgery more acceptable say Doctor

In a recent press release a well know Melbourne Doctor revealed that having cosmetic procedures was at an all time for being socially acceptable.
Here’s what Dr Tam Dieu had to say “As cosmetic surgery has become more socially acceptable, mainstream and affordable it has become...

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Pest Control – Your Step Towards An Improved Living

We normally think of pests as those insects that destroy our crops. Whereas pests are not only insects, but any animal that is harmful for your property or even life in some cases. Due to their destructive nature, pests are often a constant source of worry and can take away the peace from your life. Therefore if you have a problem with pests you need to deal with that as soon as possible. Now-a-days, almost every big town or city has pest control experts that can help you get rid of this problem.

The Utility And Practicality Of Solar Batteries

Everyone knows that the energy released from the sun is perhaps the most powerful and cleanest source of renewable energy. However some have a hard time believing that this energy is actually feasible and applicable. Those who say yes are mainly people that support the environment and think there is no better way of getting cleaner energy. Those who say no argue that Solar Energy is just not applicable for large commercial use because of its high cost and low productivity ratio.